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Are we awake?...
«Такое впечатление, что жнецы захватили BioWare и подчинили сознания разработчиков.»

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Are we awake?...
"One of the theories says that there is no such thing as
'causality'. It postulates that everything what could happen in this
universe - already did happened in all possible combinations,
and what we perceive as fabric of nature - cause and effect
across the time -- is just the way we, humans, see it. Not
necessarily the best or only possible way. But this is just a theory."

prof. J. Hassen. Oxford. 2110.

- Do we see it?

- We see it.

- This is the end.

- Will we survive?

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Шутка из ME3... очень про моего Шепарда

Are we awake?...
"What's the difference between Commander Shepard and a krogan? One is an unstoppable juggernaut of destruction that head-butts everything, and the other has four testicles."

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