Are we awake?...
"One of the theories says that there is no such thing as
'causality'. It postulates that everything what could happen in this
universe - already did happened in all possible combinations,
and what we perceive as fabric of nature - cause and effect
across the time -- is just the way we, humans, see it. Not
necessarily the best or only possible way. But this is just a theory."

prof. J. Hassen. Oxford. 2110.

- Do we see it?

- We see it.

- This is the end.

- Will we survive?

- We will, as always.

- We must suspend the cycle.

- We will. For now.

- Will we save him?

- We must. This is the Master's order.

- We obey.

- We do.

- We reverse him back to you, Harbinger.

- We will wait.

- We emit the dark energy, we reverse him in the time-space now.

- We too.

- We too.

- We too...


- Shepard? Shepard?

- Ah?

- Shepard, what happened?

- Emn.. where am I?

- Oh, c'mon! You were saying something about reapers attack and then just went silent. Was it another vision?

- Kind of.

- What it was this time?

- It was... different. Not like I saw before. It was like... like I was there... back on Earth. I saw the great battle of many different civilizations united against the common threat, and I saw the defeat of the reapers. And then something went terrible wrong. All what I've done led at the end to the destruction and destruction only. Everything was lost. Everything... Earth... Normandy... You. It was a victory... kind of, but in it's root I felt something wrong, something leading all of us to... extinct. I saw it in his eyes a moment before I've made the final decision... final mistake.

- In who's eyes?

- The boy... dead boy.

- Well... What can I say, it must be damn difficult to bare such a grim visions. How do you hold up?

- Don't ask. Just pass me that glass.


- We finished.

- We did.

- We reverted it all back to normal.

- We’ve saved him and his memories.

- The Master will be pleased.

- We expect your move, Harbinger, now.

- We are already enclosing.

- We will be watching.


- You know, sometimes I'm thinking, what if I'm wrong? What if the reapears are not actually a threat?

- What? Is it you, Sheppard? Who knows better than anyone in the galaxy that reapers are the threat?!

- Wait, listen. I mean... yes, they are a threat, but what if they also kind of test for us?

- A test? So you think this is just a test? All those battles and sacrifieses - are just to pass the test?

- Maybe I'm wrong.

- No, no "maybe", you are wrong. There is no test and this battle is for real.

- Yes, you are right.


Watching space dust illuminating the power shield around the Normandy he kept on thinking. That boy in his school... what was his name? Tom? Yes, Tom. He was probably the threat as well... back in those days when young Sheppard was bitten quite often until he finally "passed" that test. The memory brought back Tom's face first laughing, then with blood around his nose.

- Yes, you are right, my friend, it is all for real.

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